Startup: Don’t Miss Your Chance To Impress at The CES 2017

Startup: Don’t Miss Your Chance To Impress at The CES 2017

Tomorrow, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017 opens in Las Vegas. The world’s most important technology exhibition, a showcase for innovation in all fields, celebrates its 50th anniversary under the sign of the Internet of objects and the intelligent home. And many entrepreneurs will be present to present their innovations. How to be sure to impress visitors during the CES? Here are a few tips!

The Consumer Electronic Show will last from 5 to 8 January. Beyond the new high-tech consumer products, this big event of technological innovation in electronics has taken on a new dimension to become a true B to B to C event. Energy, finance, insurance, retail … All sectors are now traveling to find the latest digital trends in order to develop partnerships and new connected offers.

Many entrepreneurs will be present at the event for the first time and will face competition at the CES. If you are in this case and don’t want to miss your chance to impress during the CES, follow our advices!

#1 Be prepared

  • For many entrepreneurs, the CES is by far the most important event of the year. Its exceptional media coverage and the fact that it concentrates, on a few days, the top of the world innovation (large groups, investors, distributors …) make it unavoidable.
  • The CES represents a guaranteed global visibility and the guarantee of commercial appointments throughout the year.
  • If we prepare well upstream, the CES can become an incredible accelerator of business. It is a golden opportunity to access the international media, to meet prospective partners distributors, suppliers and investors, to probe the market and gauge competition.

CES 2017

#2 Convince journalists

  • For its fiftieth anniversary, the CES expects 3,887 exhibitors and nearly 180,000 visitors – including 2,000 French – from 158 countries. More than 7,500 international journalists will travel, more … than the Olympic Games
  • Making buzz at CES is more important than registering first orders. If the CES is the rendezvous of start-ups and financiers it is also a place full of … journalists. To ensure a good promotion, to succeed the buzz, it is as many guarantees of later sales in different countries.

#3 Stay motivated

  • The show is gigantic, the people you need will not necessarily come to your stand.
  • It is therefore better to anticipate by making the appointments with the people who interest you both at the level of journalists and financiers.
  • The work on site is rather ungrateful. 95% of people who come to your stand are not interested, with a majority of curious people who will never be your customers.


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