Guide: 10 tools to manage your coworking space

Guide: 10 tools to manage your coworking space

When you are managing a coworking space, there is an important aspect that you should never forget: a coworking space is a business. With all the obligations that this implies. The life (or death) of your coworking space will be determined by your ability to keep in repair the workspace for your members but also recruit and federate your members. There are some handy software and coworking tools that will help you in these very daunting tasks. We tested and selected 10 of the best tools on the market!

The rise of new technologies is not only a bargain for individuals, who can discover every day new televisions, new smartphones or new washing machines. It is also a boon for professionals and businesses that can work more efficiently. This is also the case for coworking spaces.

Managers of coworking spaces have to face many challenges on a daily basis in order to offer their members the best possible work experience. As a manager of a coworking space, optimizing your time should be your main concern if you want to have the time to perform all of your tasks. To achieve your goals, it is necessary to use the new technologies.

Thanks to the rise of the coworking industry, more and more software and tools are designed specifically for this market. There are dozens and dozens of tools, with very variable quality, to:

  • Optimize the management of operations in coworking spaces and community members
  • Book online individual offices and meeting rooms
  • Exchanging opportunities between members

Choosing one software or another is not easy and will mostly depend on your needs, your goals, your budget and the complexity of the services you offer and want to manage. Because in this jungle of tools it is easy to get lost, I wrote a small practical guide detailing 10 free or affordable tools that will allow you to manage from A to Z your coworking space. Download it now!

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