5 misconceptions about your coworking space

5 misconceptions about your coworking space

Coworking is a booming trend. It is a fact. There is an increasing number of coworking spaces in France and around the world. It is a promising market, as much liked by start-ups as by the self-employed. But many misconceptions are still received on coworking spaces. Too noisy, overpriced, bad equipment … The cliches have a hard life. Here are the 5 most commonly misconceptions about coworking spaces.

You’ll have to get used to it: the coworking spaces are there to last. As a coworking space manager, you must do everything to fight common misconceptions and recruit new members. But this is not really an easy task when most people have a lot of mistaken belief about coworking spaces … That’s why I’m going to explain for you the 5 most common misconceptions about coworking spaces. You have permission to show this article to your potential members!

# 1 They are frequented only by hipsters

Some people think that coworking spaces are places where people come to rest, eat organic food by talking about ecology and collaborative economics. In reality, it is much more than that. Of course, some coworking spaces offer a relaxed atmosphere and it is indispensable for the well-being of their members.

However, they don’t forget the professional aspect. People who occupy these spaces are entrepreneurs, freelancers, who come above all to work and find business opportunities. If they pay each month a subscription in a coworking space, it is to make it profitable. In the end, if a coworking space have to provide a relaxing area with at least a kitchen, table football or game consoles, sofas, it should not skimp on ways to provide a quality work environment for its members.

They are a lot of people satisfied with their coworking space, be it the self-employed, startup or even large companies that allow their employees to work in coworking spaces. The latter offer a modern working environment and flexibility that they could not find elsewhere.

My opinion: As a manager of a coworking space, be sure to highlight the members of your coworking space. For example you can conduct interviews that you publish on your blog or Facebook page by detailing the job of people you interview and the benefits they found in your coworking space.

# 2 They only have open spaces

People often mistaken and think that coworking spaces are only impersonal open spaces where it is impossible to isolate oneself. It’s wrong. Of course, it can happen to fall on a place where everyone is gathered in a single open space but this represents a small share of the market. The vast majority of modern coworking spaces offer a wide range of services and it is not uncommon for both self-employed and start-ups to take advantage of several open spaces, as well as closed individual offices, conference rooms, relaxation and even sport rooms.

My opinion: As a manager of a coworking space, be sure to highlight the characteristics of your coworking space in order to entice your potential customers to learn about you and, why not, join your coworking space. We need to reassure them about your offer and the benefits they will enjoy by joining you.


# 3 They are too noisy

In general, coworking spaces are calm. In many places, you can even hear people breathe if you listen carefully. Very honestly, it is rare to find a coworking space that is as noisy as Primark during sales. As I said before and as I was able to see during my investigation of coworking spaces, these places are frequented by workers who come above all to work! So they need silence. And when they need to isolate themselves, they can usually find individual rooms and offices.

Afterwards, we can always met annoying people that can harm the coworking experience of some members. But it should be noted that coworking spaces offer places where people can chat and relax, like the kitchen, the bar or the relaxation room.

My opinion: As a manager of a coworking space, you must make sure that your members can work in the utmost tranquility. It may be complicated to live with tenants, so you have to create places for relaxation and discussion.

# 4 We can’t find business opportunities

Collaboration is the essence of coworking spaces. Many startupers or self-employed people choose to join a coworking space first because it is possible to network in a coworking space. And so to meet new people. The interest for them is to find new business opportunities and new customers.

But although coworking spaces are places for collaboration between members, they may not benefit from it because of lack of time, shyness, or simply because the coworking space does not federate enough the community spirit between the members.

My opinion: As a manager of a coworking space, you must encourage collaboration between members, by organizing events allowing them to introduce themselves to each other, to make contacts, to exchange business opportunities … It is important to create a community spirit through the installation of tools allowing members to exchange, such as Slack or Swabbl.

#5 They offer only long-term contracts

What’s cool with coworking spaces is that no one needs to commit to long term to enjoy the venue, unlike the rental of fixed premises that require a lease of at least 1 year. Rather restrictive when you are a startup with little money or when you are self-employed.

Fortunately, there are no such constraints in coworking spaces. The vast majority of places will require only one month of deposit for a private office. Alternatively, potential members can opt for a daily, weekly or monthly package. They can even opt for a nomadic subscription in some coworking spaces where they pay a certain sum to access them whenever they want. Payment is daily, weekly or monthly. Members can enjoy or leave their coworking space whenever they want.

My opinion: As a manager of a coworking space, you have to adjust your prices according to the services you offer and especially, bet on flexibility. The more flexible you are on your tariffs, the more you will attract members.


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