How Sharing Economy Can Transform The Business World?

How Sharing Economy Can Transform The Business World?

The collaborative practices between individuals or between individuals and companies continue to multiply around us. People trying to abandon the idea of a purely individualistic overconsumption in order to approach a cooperative logic. This trend of collaborative economy concerns all the sectors of the market, but can it find its place in the business world?

To use a good or a service with several instead of owning alone: this practice as old as the world fallen into disuse with the modern individualism. Thanks to the digital platforms, which facilitated and democratized these exchanges between individuals, the concept of sharing economy forge a new social model and represent an alternative mode of consumption.

Sharing economy makes it possible to share underutilized resources. It also creates an environment of trust for exchanges between individuals, brings responsible values to consumers and facilitates a form of proximity, even solidarity, in an increasingly individualistic society.

Connecting people

  • The role of these new platforms is to connect people to meet supply and demand and to provide a reliable and secure environment for their exchanges. The consumer seems to change over time: he does not wish to revolutionize the system but wants to be an enlightened and committed actor in his daily choices.
  • Today, collaborative consumption embraces individual and collective research of more sustainable behavior and respect for the human and the planet. Giving a second life to objects, sharing good ideas or exchanging resources: the collaborative consumer puts into practice his values, which give more meaning to his exchanges.
  • A whole range of motivations pushes to consume less and better, or in any case differently. A few years ago still a marginal practice, the barter has made its great return on the internet and locally.

Solidarity 2.0

  • Digital uses make it possible to create a new form of proximity even if we are far geographically.
  • Organizing a virtual garage sale, offering your craft creations beyond the immediate circle or giving a second life to the accessories and clothes of children who have grown up, can be an opportunity to share common interests, a story or useful tips.
  • Digital platforms have their place in the relationship between two individuals, provided that they put the human being at the center of their project


Share business contacts, find opportunities

Today, in order to make business, a lot of people join business networks. They are amazing places to make business because they allow their members to find business opportunities. Each year, these are billions of dollars that are generated by members who exchange business opportunities.

“Who gives, receives”. This is the leitmotiv of the BNI. And sharing business contacts can increase your benefits. It’s more easy to make business in a spirit of friendliness, sincerity and trust. This is why recommendations works better than cold calling, for example.

Today and tomorrow, it’s all about sharing

  • Whether it is to find a job, investors for its startup or a new business opportunity, it is more efficient to ask its trusted professional network.
  • The most difficult part is to bring together all the important people of his professional network: former classmate, club business, business club, coworking space… To do this, you can create multiple online business teams. And add people you trust. Then, you will be able to share business opportunities.

With Swabbl, you can share business opportunities everyday of your life. Not only when you meet your business friends but also the other days, online. From your desk or your sofa. It’s really convenient because you can see your business friends once a week and also talk to them, share opportunities, days after the meeting. It’s an opportunity to go further in your relationship and also make clear your needs when you don’t have the time during a meeting. Think about it, you will make business more efficiently!

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