Hey, here’s what your network of alumni really want

Hey, here’s what your network of alumni really want

If you work for an alumni network, you already know that your alumni association acts as a bridge between the school, past alumni and current students. This type of association is useful because thank’s to a platform or a website, new students can contact alumni to ask for advices, find an internship, a job or business opportunities. But do you really know what want your members, constitued by former and new students? 

A true online community

  • Ok you have a group on LinkedIn & on Facebook for your alumni but is this enough?
  • Most often, these groups are inactive or filled with spam. People use it to post irrelevant content and when someone finally post something interesting, useful, no one will replies to his post because everyone will ignore what will be posted on the group.
  • Alumni want to stay connected with fellow alumni. But a directory is U-SE-LESS 💀
  • Your alumni want an online community that is effective and that provides useful opportunities or informations. You can use Swabbl to create a business team for your alumni and encourage them to network online and build a community. This business team will create a synergy between members because they will be able to publish needs and answer to them.

Alumni meeting

  • Most important thing that alumni wants is networking. Entire alumni network is very valuable to any individual. They need access to this network in a way that is relevant to them.
  • Host alumni meets at regular intervals and invite alumni to participate in the events, reunions, chapter meets and discussions. 👥
  • By organizing events, you will allow your alumni to meet each other but also to meet their successors in schools, in sports clubs or in companies…and develop new relationships.
  • That’s why it’s important to create events regularly. This will federate your members around the values of your alumni association or your institution.

an app used by alumni networks

Regular news from you ❤️

  • Even if they have left school or sports club for a long time, alumni still want news from you.
  • Communicate with your members about topics relevant to them. Do not waste their time and do not overload their mailboxes because they may unsubscribe or even report you as spam. There is no ideal frequency for communication, just make sure to communicate when relevant information is available.
  • Keep alumni updated about news, events, contest, competition, talks, workshops… You can also post pictures & videos of institute, events, workshops in your social networks in order to encourage alumni to participate in events. Always useful, a monthly newsletter can be helpful for alumni to be aware of the updates.

A tool to find career opportunities

  • When you leave school or after your professional career as an athlete, you are usually looking for a job. This is why you join an alumni network. Even when you’re student, you are looking for an internship. Your alumni network is supposed to help you in your search
  • But often your alumni network does not have the tools or resources to help you find an internship or a job.
  • If you want to help your members, you must offer career related services by creating a platform where one post jobs/internships in the market and encourage alumni to provide jobs or internships to their current students.
  • Also, leveraging alumni expertise by providing mentorship platform to current students and engaging past alumni can be a great idea.
  • With a tool like Swabbl, you can create the ultimate platform to  help your members to get in touch with people who may have opportunities for them, whether for an internship, a job or advice for entrepreneurship, the creation of a startup…
  • Try now, your alumni will be happy!

alumni network demo pub

Synergie between members

    • Inform your members of the major projects of the network and give them the opportunity to take part if they wish (sponsors, speakers, business angels, etc.). You will easily find projects for each of the alumni profiles of your network whether they are junior, senior or retired.
    • Students, graduates, teachers, former athletes, businesses and administrative staff, keep in mind that all are potential ambassadors. You share common interests: multiplication of opportunities and network excellence, make the most of this win-win relationship!
    • With Swabbl you can create a group for your alumni network for free and create a synergy between your members. They will be able to share opportunities. Jobs, business, internship… The possibilities are endless. Each member of the group will be able to publish needs and respond to needs already published, to exchange contacts that could meet those needs.



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