4 tips to boost your alumni network

4 tips to boost your alumni network

An alumni network is useful because your former students or former employees will be able to exchange opportunities with new students or employees (internship, contacts, job opportunity…). But how to make your members active in your network? If you are stuck, here 4 tips to boost your alumni network.

Gather the needs of your members

  • It is important for your alumni network to understand the needs of your community and and to respond to their queries as often as possible. Thus, they will have the feeling of being listened to and will be motivated to participate actively in the alumni network, sharing business or job opportunities.
  • It is not really complicated to collect requests from members of your alumni network. You can go to the field and distribute a survey to your members so they can respond. Simpler and quicker, you can send them an inquiry directly in their mailbox, this will make your work easier.
  • You can also compare the services offered by other alumni networks. This is a good way to fill your gaps while drawing some inspiration from your colleagues of others schools.

Organize meetings

  • Your alumni network will not work if you only have a website. Having a directory of former students is fine, and a website even better but that’s not what will make your network alumni effective.
  • Host alumni meets at regular intervals and invite alumni to participate in the events, reunions, chapter meets and discussions.
  • You must absolutely organize events so that alumni meet new students. These events can take different forms: networking evening, afterwork, conferences… Your most important mission is to create a dynamic and a cohesion between people.

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Create a group dedicated to opportunities

  • Your alumni network can be the most valuable treasure of your former students. An incredible source of contacts. But how use this source to find opportunities?
  • This is why it’s important to create a dedicated group for your alumni network. And animate these groups. Which tool to use to create these groups?
  • Why a dedicated group? To avoid spam. Your members needs topics relevant to them. You don’t want to waste their time and overload their mailboxes because they may unsubscribe or even report you as spam.
  • With Swabbl you can create a group for your alumni network for free and allow your members to share opportunities. Jobs, business, internship… The possibilities are endless. Each member of the group will be able to publish needs and respond to needs already published, to exchange contacts that could meet those needs.
  • Just imagine: a member of the group is looking for a new job or an investor for his new startup. He published a business need and members of your alumni network can respond whenever they want.


Use social networks

  • An alumni network must be on social networks. It is one of the sources of information most used by people today. Alumni use them to find jobs, keep track of new events or find new contacts.
  • Traditional social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter are very powerful. Keep your alumni network updated about news, events, talks, workshops. And to encourage them to be active in the network post pictures & videos of institute, events, workshops etc.
  • You can also use them to find lost alumni and encourage them to join your official Swabbl business team.

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