4 essential tools for your alumni networks [+promo codes]

4 essential tools for your alumni networks [+promo codes]

Managing an alumni network is never an easy task. There are thousands of things to manage in order to have members involved and an alumni network that is effective. This is why it is necessary to use tools to facilitate your task. Here are 4 tools to help you manage more easily your alumni network!

“I think the main problem we are seeing as far as communication goes is that every email we send out, people will unsubscribe.”

Last week I received this message from an assistant director of alumni relations of a great school. And I was thinking “even in great schools, with a large budget, it is difficult to manage an alumni network”. I asked my correspondent what tools he used to manage his network alumni and then, I understood.

They used old online tools, which are not really adapted to the modern uses of the internet. For example, this alumni network sent emails to their members, these emails were not suited to the screen size of smartphones. While today, 81% of students check their emails on their smartphones!

This is why it is necessary to use the right tools when you want to efficiently manage your alumni network. In this article, I will present to you 4 tools for an effective alumni network:

  • a tool for your emailing campaigns,
  • a tool to manage your events,
  • a tool for fundraising
  • and a tool to send surveys and involve your members.

Discover these tools and claim your promo codes now!

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